Wed, 18 Mar 2020

RcppCCTZ 0.2.7

A new release 0.2.7 of RcppCCTZ is now at CRAN.

RcppCCTZ uses Rcpp to bring CCTZ to R. CCTZ is a C++ library for translating between absolute and civil times using the rules of a time zone. In fact, it is two libraries. One for dealing with civil time: human-readable dates and times, and one for converting between between absolute and civil times via time zones. And while CCTZ is made by Google(rs), it is not an official Google product. The RcppCCTZ page has a few usage examples and details. This package was the first CRAN package to use CCTZ; by now at least three others do—using copies in their packages which remains less than ideal.

This version adds internal extensions, contributed by Leonardo, which support upcoming changes to the nanotime package we are working on.

Changes in version 0.2.7 (2020-03-18)

  • Added functions _RcppCCTZ_convertToCivilSecond that converts a time point to the number of seconds since epoch, and _RcppCCTZ_convertToTimePoint that converts a number of seconds since epoch into a time point; these functions are only callable from C level (Leonardo in #34 and #35).

  • Added function _RcppCCTZ_getOffset that returns the offset at a speficied time-point for a specified timezone; this function is only callable from C level (Leonardo in #32).

We also have a diff to the previous version thanks to CRANberries. More details are at the RcppCCTZ page; code, issue tickets etc at the GitHub repository.

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