Thu, 30 Sep 2021

RcppArmadillo on CRAN: New Upstream

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Armadillo is a powerful and expressive C++ template library for linear algebra aiming towards a good balance between speed and ease of use with a syntax deliberately close to a Matlab. RcppArmadillo integrates this library with the R environment and languageā€“and is widely used by (currently) 912 other packages on CRAN.

This new release brings us Armadillo 10.7.0 released this morning by Conrad. Leading up to this were three runs of reverse dependencies the first of which uncovered the need for a small PR for subview_cols support which Conrad kindly supplied.

The full set of changes follows. We include the last interim release (sent as usual to the drat repo) as well.

Changes in RcppArmadillo version (2021-09-30)

  • Upgraded to Armadillo release 10.7.0 (Entropy Maximizer)

    • faster handling of submatrix views accessed by X.cols(first_col,last_col)

    • faster handling of element-wise min() and max() in compound expressions

    • expanded solve() with solve_opts::force_approx option to force use of the approximate solver

Changes in RcppArmadillo version (2021-08-05)

  • Upgraded to Armadillo release 10.6.2 (Keep Calm)

    • fix incorrect use of constexpr for handling fixed-size matrices and vectors

    • improved documentation

  • GitHub- and drat-only release

Courtesy of my CRANberries, there is a diffstat report relative to previous release. More detailed information is on the RcppArmadillo page. Questions, comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing list off the R-Forge page.

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