RcppStreams brings the Streamulus C++ library by Irit Katriel to R.

Streamulus uses clever template meta-programming (via Boost Fusion) to implement an embedded domain-specific event language created specifically for event stream processing.

Sounds confusing? See the documentation and examples!


At this stage the RcppStreams package is a fairly thin wrapper ensuring smooth building and accessibility from R.

But Streamulus itself is rather well documented, and the RcppStreams package includes

  • four complete examples, both in their original C++ standalone form as examples, and callable from R;
  • a pdf slidedeck from a workshop presentation by Irit; and
  • several unit tests.


The package is hosted in this GitHub repository. It is now also available from CRAN via install.packages("RcppStreams") and via its CRAN package page.

Irit's upstream repo is also at GitHub.


GPL (>= 3) just like Streamulus.


The package is still pretty young, but feature-complete with Streamulus.

There is still a lot that can be done with Streamulus and RcppStreams.


Dirk Eddelbuettel for this package.
Irit Katriel for Streamulus.

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