Wed, 25 Feb 2004

Quantian mailing lists

One of the side effects of having a Quantian project on Alioth is that we now have mailing lists for Quantian. If you're so inclined, you can go to the Quantian Mailing List control page for subscriptions, list archive etc pp.

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Quantian about to be released

The new release is now on the server at the University of Washington, and is currently being mirrored to the server at the University of Wisconsin / Madison. For the first time, this release comprises two versions: a 'kitchen sink' iso of about 950mb with everything the standard version has, plus openOffice, Scilab, Grass and a few small things. The standard release is still 700mb and fits onto a cdrom.

Now based on kernel 2.4.24 (while the openMosix patch is being finalised for 2.4.25), this is still Knoppix 3.3 based. A new version based on Knoppix 3.4 will appear some time after CeBIT. As always, more info at the Quantian pages.

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