Mon, 28 Jun 2004

Complimentary dvd

Mark Walker sent me a complimentary copy of the Quantian dvds his company is offering. I didn't expect that to come all the way from Boulogne Billancourt, France. Merci bien, en tout cas!

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Quantian released

A new release has just completed uploading to the server at the University of Washington.

This is a maintenance upgrade over, but still contains a rather large number of changes:

  • Expanded bioinformatics support with (most of) BioConductor release 1.4 as well as Debian packages for bioperl, biopython, hmmer and emboss from Matt Hope's Debian repository at UNSW
  • Yet more CRAN packages for R: lme4, matrix, psy.
  • Included for the first time are four pre-release Debian packages from Diethelm Wuertz' Rmetrics project for financial engineering and computational finance: fBasics, fSeries, fOptions, fExtremes.
  • Other new packages include the qemu emulator as well as a variety of science packages such as kalzium, celestia, starplot, openbabel, chemtool, xtide, viewmol, achilles and blast2.
  • Upgraded throughout -- 430 updated packages mostly from Debian testing (with a few from unstable), including x11, gcc et al, perl, apt/dpkg/dselect, R, lam, cernlib, geant, gretl
  • An error was fixed in r-cran-rsprng which had not been compiled built correctly.
  • Updated custom artwork in an improved background image, thanks again to Ed Pegg, Jr.
  • Total size is now 1.2gb for the compressed iso image, corresponding to more than 3.5gb of uncompressed software.

Slightly more informations are in the Quantian changelog, and general info is as always at the Quantian pages.

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