Mon, 14 Mar 2016

x13binary 0.1.2

A new version of x13binary is now on CRAN. It updates the underlying X-13ARIMA-SEATS binary to build 1.1.26 which was released recently by the US Census Bureau.

Our x13binary package takes the pain out of installing this, and provides it to the seasonal package upon which other packages such as gunsales or ggseas build their functionality. Things just work: Depend on x13binary and on all relevant OSs supported by R, you should have an X-13ARIMA-SEATS binary installed which will be called seamlessly by the higher-level packages. See this announcement blog post describing the initial 0.1.0 release; we had since followed up with a 0.1.1 release tightening up behaviour on two edge case OSs.

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for the most recent release as well as the preceding bugfix release.

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