Wed, 10 Feb 2021

RcppSMC 0.2.3 on CRAN: Updated Snapshot

A new release 0.2.3 of the RcppSMC package arrived on CRAN earlier today. Once again it progressed as a very quick pretest-publish within minutes of submission—thanks CRAN!

RcppSMC provides Rcpp-based bindings to R for the Sequential Monte Carlo Template Classes (SMCTC) by Adam Johansen described in his JSS article. Sequential Monte Carlo is also referred to as Particle Filter in some contexts.

This release somewhat belatedly merges a branch Leah had been working on and which we all realized “is ready”. We now have a good snapshot to base new work on, as maybe with the Google Summer of Code 2021.

Changes in RcppSMC version 0.2.3 (2021-02-10)

  • Addition of a Github Action CI runner (Dirk)

  • Switching to inheritance for the moveset rather than pointers to functions (Leah in #45).

Courtesy of my CRANberries, there is a diffstat report for this release.

More information is on the RcppSMC page. Issues and bugreports should go to the GitHub issue tracker.

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