Fri, 18 Feb 2022

RcppSimdJson 0.1.7 on CRAN: Maintenance

The RcppSimdJson package was updated to release 0.1.7 today. CRAN had sent a note overnight that it triggered ‘LENGTH_1’ error (where boolean comparisons happen with longer vectors). That may be debatable in the two cases flagged if one looks at the commit but life being too short to debate this so we just fixed it. The email came in at 04:50h-ish when I was sound asleep, but four hours later the fixed version was on CRAN thanks to the automated processing:

RcppSimdJson wraps the fantastic and genuinely impressive simdjson library by Daniel Lemire and collaborators. Via very clever algorithmic engineering to obtain largely branch-free code, coupled with modern C++ and newer compiler instructions, it results in parsing gigabytes of JSON parsed per second which is quite mindboggling. The best-case performance is ‘faster than CPU speed’ as use of parallel SIMD instructions and careful branch avoidance can lead to less than one cpu cycle per byte parsed; see the video of the talk by Daniel Lemire at QCon (also voted best talk).

The very short NEWS entry for this release follows.

Changes in version 0.1.7 (2022-02-18)

  • Two URLs were updated in '', and Travis artifacts and badges have been removed (Dirk).

  • One unit test file was updated to not trigger a 'LENGTH_1' warning (Dirk closing #76).

Courtesy of my CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for this release. For questions, suggestions, or issues please use the issue tracker at the GitHub repo.

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