Sun, 11 Jun 2023

sanitizers 0.1.1 on CRAN: Updated and Expanded


The second release of the sanitizers package is now on CRAN. sanitizers provides ‘true positives’ for programming errors detected by Address Sanitizers and friends. This permits validation of the setup when chasing such bug reports: it allows us to ascertain that the compiler (and instrumented R version) are correctly set up and the errors we expect to be reported are in fact reported.

Almost nine years (!!) since the first release, this update brings an added integer overflow sanitizer contributed by Greg Jeffries so long ago that I had thought it was part of the CRAN releases—my bad for delaying this. It also updates programming practices by switching to symbol registration for the compiled functions. And of course several R packaging best practices have improved since the initial release so we updated a few small things throughout.

A very good resources for all things sanitizers is the Google repo at GitHub and especially its wiki.

The brief NEWS entry follows.

Changes in version 0.1.1 (2023-06-11)

  • Added integer overflow example kindly contributed by Greg Jeffries

  • Added continuous integration and badges

  • Updated package to use symbol registration for compiled code

  • Updated and edited DESCRIPTION, README and help pages for current packaging standards

  • Expanded README with usage example via r-devel-san Rocker container

Courtesy of my CRANberries, there is a diffstat report for this release. See the project page, the github repo, and the package documentation for more details.

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