Mon, 18 Dec 2023

tinythemes 0.0.1 at CRAN: New Package

Delighted to announce a new package that arrived on CRAN today: tinythemes. It repackages the theme_ipsum_rc() function by Bob Rudis from his hrbrthemes package in a zero (added) dependency way. A simple example is (also available as a demo inside the packages in the next update) contrasts the default style (on left) with the one added by this package (on the right):

The GitHub repo also shows this little example: total dependencies of hrbrthemes over what ggplot2 installs:

> db <- tools::CRAN_package_db()
> deps <- tools::package_dependencies(c("ggplot2", "hrbrthemes"), recursive=TRUE, db=db
> Filter(\(x) x != "ggplot2", setdiff(deps[[2]], deps[[1]]))
 [1] "extrafont"         "knitr"             "rmarkdown"         "htmltools"        
 [5] "tools"             "gdtools"           "extrafontdb"       "Rttf2pt1"         
 [9] "Rcpp"              "systemfonts"       "gfonts"            "curl"             
[13] "fontquiver"        "base64enc"         "digest"            "ellipsis"         
[17] "fastmap"           "evaluate"          "highr"             "xfun"             
[21] "yaml"              "bslib"             "fontawesome"       "jquerylib"        
[25] "jsonlite"          "stringr"           "tinytex"           "cachem"           
[29] "memoise"           "mime"              "sass"              "fontBitstreamVera"
[33] "fontLiberation"    "shiny"             "crul"              "crayon"           
[37] "stringi"           "cpp11"             "urltools"          "httpcode"         
[41] "fs"                "rappdirs"          "httpuv"            "xtable"           
[45] "sourcetools"       "later"             "promises"          "commonmark"       
[49] "triebeard"        

Comments and suggestions are welcome at the GitHub repo.

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