I spent my first two decades mostly in and around Braunschweig (which is called Brunswick around here). Following a six month work stint in Amersham, I spent a few years in Karlsruhe. From there, I went to Aix-en-Provence for two terms, upon which I stayed for another few years in Marseille, then spent a summer in Florence, tried Kingston, Ontario next --- and stayed. Or rather, returned asap and added a few years there and in Toronto. Well, and we've moved again last summer/fall, this time to the windy city of Chicago.

All this studying lead to a degree or two. More accurately, a dipl-wi.ing, a maitrise, a dea and a doctorat. From that last one, a few talks and papers remain. My professional life isn't really secret, but I prefer to keep it off these private pages. As these pages might reveal, I tend to spend a bit of time with computers.

My wife Lisa has her own webpage while our daughters Anna and Julia don't have one yet. All of us have a joint presence at eddelbuettel.com.

Email can be send to either this or that address. Use this GPG key, or this PGP key, to send me signed or encrypted email.

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