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The site goes back to the mid-1990s, but I tend to keep links alive. When a page is clearly dated, an informational headers such as this may be added at the top.

Major Sections

The following sections are also accessible via the navigation bar at the top:
With an additional ordering
My Open Source projects, comprising inter alia beancounter, digest, littler, Rcpp, RInside, RQuantLib and more.

Refereed papers (showing pre-prints or links) as well as other papers; presented in reverse chronological order.

Conference presentations, workshops and more, shown in reverse chronological order.

Older Content

The following links and sections are still accessible, but not necessarily up to date.
A simple collophon about some of the tools used (in the past). These days, I rely mostly on Twitter Bootstrap for layout and some slightly modified Bootswatch themes for the sites I look after.
Seriously out of date. The LinkedIn page is a littler better.
Seriously out of date; enumerates a number of packages I maintained at the time of the last update (maybe a decade ago?). The official Debian Packages Overview page for me is much better, and automagically updated, has links to bug report, build status and all that jazz.
Seriously out of date and mostly tips and tricks to get Linux to work on the laptops I used in the 1990s and early 2000s. These days things just work (if you pick the right model); loving my current X1 Carbon).
Sadly also out of date. Quantian was a wonderful project I created to regroup quantitative software along with a kernel patch and boot system which facilitated immediate and automagic creation of compute clusters off a single bootable cdrom or dvd. It was very useful and reasonably popular. However the underlying Open Mosix patch never made it from the 2.4 kernel series to the 2.6 kernel. These days, Debian and Ubuntu are more complete than they were, helping on the package side. Plus, we live in multi-core world reducing the need for explicit clusters.

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