Sun, 03 Feb 2013

The Rcpp Gallery and my Seinfeld Streak

A good three weeks ago, we introduced the Rcpp Gallery. While this is a joint effort by several of us on the Rcpp team, the backend was conceived and implemented entirely by JJ who also bootstrapped it with same first content, drawing on posts by Hadley, Romain and myself. As the How to contribute page makes plain, this is all backed by GitHub and all logs are public anyway.

So after it was up and working, JJ and I refined the look and feel, and I started to add more content so that would have something by the time the initial announcement came around. A few years I read about an (attributed) secret to Seinfeld's producitivity: "Don't break the chain". Just keep writing, and write every day.

I made my goal of a post every day for just over a month, and created this sequences: (20 Dec) simulating-pi, (21 Dec) vector-minimum, (22 Dec) gsl-colnorm-example, (23 Dec) fibonacci-sequence, (24 Dec) random-number-generation, (25 Dec) armadillo-sparse-matrix, (26 Dec) timing-rngs, (27 Dec) stl-inner-product, (28 Dec) stl-transform, (29 Dec) stl-transform-for-subsetting, (30 Dec) stl-random-shuffle, (31 Dec) stl-random-sample, (01 Jan) stl-for-each, (02 Jan) armadillo-subsetting, (03 Jan) accessing-environments, (04 Jan) armadillo-eigenvalues, (05 Jan) r-function-from-c++, (06 Jan) using-the-rcpp-timer, (07 Jan) sugar-function-clamp, (08 Jan) using-rcout, (09 Jan) first-steps-with-C++11, (10 Jan) simple-lambda-func-c++11, (11 Jan) eigen-eigenvalues, (12 Jan) getting-attributes-for-xts-example, (13 Jan) intro-to-exceptions, (14 Jan) a-first-boost-example, (15 Jan) a-second-boost-example, (16 Jan) timing-normal-rngs, (17 Jan) creating-xts-from-c++, (18 Jan) gsl-for-eigenvalues, (19 Jan) accessing-xts-api, (20 Jan) custom-as-and-wrap-example, (21 Jan) passing-cpp-function-pointers,

The Rcpp Gallery continues to grow, we now have 58 posts from 7 different authors. And it is open for business: new contributions are always welcome.

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