Tue, 05 Sep 2023

RcppInt64 0.0.1 on CRAN: New Package!

Happy to share that a new package RcppInt64 arrived on CRAN earlier today after a brief one-day inspection round. RcppInt64 collects some of the previous conversions between 64-bit integer values in R and C++, and regroups them in a single package.

A single header is provided. It actually offers two interfaces: both a more standard as<>() converter from R values along with its companions wrap() to return to R, as well as more dedicated functions ‘from’ and ‘to’. A key difficulty faced when supporting 64 bit integer payloads is that R has no proper type for it so the standard template-based approaches use by Rcpp do not apply. To ‘carry’ 64 bit integers, the clever approach by Jens Oehlschlägel and his bit64 package is used. However, its use of a double to transport the int64 payload means we must take care to not uninentionally interpret the double variables as, well, double. So we use an simple S3 class in R, and check for it. With some care (as provided by these helper functions) this works well.

The RcppInt64 packages contains both an example function, as well as an entire example package to demonstrate how to use these facilities in your package. We hope others will find this useful.

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