Fri, 16 Sep 2005

RunHitWonder 10k

Did the RunHitWonder 10k race on Tuesday. This is a Nike event that takes in LA, Portland, NY and here in Chicago -- a bunch of 'one hit wonder' live bands along the race course, and lots of runners doing a 5k or 10k. And for kicks, everybody is wearing the same kind of Nike running shirt, which, Nike being the organiser, are all printed with individual race-entry bib numbers.

It was kinda neat to see an estimated 15,000 people on a warm summer night, and everybody is wearing canary yellow :) Also neat how the BSBC building has its facade lit up displaying the 'Run Loud' slogan of the race. Nice touch.

My run was sub-par. Being in training for the half and full marathons in one and three weeks, respectively, I somehow don't manage to let a slight muscle strain heal, and it really did get worse trying to run that 10k somewhat fast. Ended up with steadily increasing splits, and a total of 45:28.

Oh, and for the record, I really do feel old as I didn't really know any of the bands. Last year's race, which I missed, had Devo ...

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