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The LaTeX Letter class is very useful for simple letters. As such letters are also somewhat standardized, they make for excellent candidates for use by Markdown.

This package leans on earlier work by Aaron Wolen in his pandoc-letter repository, and extends it for use from R via the rmarkdown package.



The skeleton creates a very simple letter. This shows the (complete) source on the left and the rendered pdf on the right:


The vignette example is a little more featureful and shows how to included a letterhead on-demand, as well as a signature. Both of these are driven by simple YAML headers as seen on the left:


The package is fully working, and on CRAN.


Use the standard


to install it from CRAN, and then use as a Markdown template via RStudio, or use code such as

draft("myletter.Rmd", template="pdf", package="linl", edit=FALSE)

to create a first draft of a new myletter.Rmd.


Beyond the R package dependencies, a working pandoc binary is needed. RStudio installs its own copy, otherwise do what is needed on your OS (i.e., something like sudo apt-get install pandoc pandoc-citeproc).

The pdf mode should only require a basic LaTeX installation.


Dirk Eddelbuettel and Aaron Wolen.


GPL-3 for this package, the work in pandoc-letter, as well as underlying Pandoc template.

Initially created: Sun Oct 15 16:26:45 CDT 2017
Last modified: Sun May 26 10:02:51 CDT 2024