RVowpalWabbit: R interface to Vowpal Wabbit

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A proof-of-concept wrapping of (an earlier version of) Vowpal Wabbit


It works. It could do with some help. And it should be updated now to use the external VowpalWabbit library which did not exists when this work was originally done. Collaborators welcome.

It is on CRAN as it works, and sort-of grandfathered. It sadly also reflects old code.

A newer attempt is in https://github.com/rvw-org/rvw. And an updated (at last) upstream web presence is at https://vowpalwabbit.org.


Dirk Eddelbuettel


GPL (>= 2)

Initially created: Wed Aug 24 19:51:07 CDT 2011
Last modified: Fri Jul 24 17:57:19 CDT 2020