Things we may do next:

Generally speaking, the items below should be considered 'available for motivated volunteers who want to make a difference'. The simpler the inclusion into Quantian, the higher the probability that it will appear.

The following need Debian packages first:
MPI Toolbox for Octave (MPITB) at (suggested by Julio R Banga)
openBUGS, the open source implementation of the BUGS (Bayesian Inference via Gibbs Sampling) system for Monte Carlo Markov Chain estimation -- maybe as a binary package.
open Beagle, a versatile environment for evolutionary computation, would be nice. Needs Debian packages.
The ASPECT (Adaptable Simulation Product Exploration and Control Toolkit) would be nice, but someone needs to build Debian packages for it.
There may be some nuggets in the pile at Golddiggers welcome.
Dstool which has/had version 2 in Debian, would be nice if version 3 at U of Minnesota could get packaged.
Cactus has been suggested by Marco.
ePix suggested by Enric M. Calvo.
cb2Bib suggested by Marco Caliari.
Molekel and mprime suggested by Claudiu Tanaselia.
GENtle, suggested by Magnus Manske
ParaView, an open-source, parallel visualization application, suggested by Marco Caliari
GDL -- GNU Data Language, a GPL'ed IDL implementation, suggested by John Hornstein
calchep, comphep, FeynDiagram (a C++ library to design Feynman Diagrams) all suggested by Joao Esteves
FreeHDL, SystemC libs and compiler all suggested by Simon de Feber

The following are available and may be included "soon":
Add a texmacs-fonts package which needs local rebuilding. Volunteers for build scripts / simplification?
CDK for which some packages (libcdk-java-doc libcdk-java, cdk, libcdk-java-dirbrowser) are here but they appear dated (Suggested by Andy Liaw).
dialign, kalign and probcons: bioinformatic packages for multiple-sequence alignments that are now in Debian, suggested by Charles Plessy
GHDL, GTKWave, IVI, suggested by Simon de Feber

Nicer and sleaker presentation / documentation / experience:
We need to learn how Simply Mepis gets the desktop so 'right', and borrow as much as we can. Any volunteers?
Start collecting items for a FAQ
Start editing 'discipline-specific pages'
Shall we build quantian-* metapackages similar to what the Debian junior and Debian med projects do?
Quantian-specific html pages upon startup would be nice too. Maybe some of the pdf papers?
doc-central package, and a link to http://localhost/dc, with thanks to Graham's Survivor Guide

Things we already did (in reverse chronological order):

All added on
NIH's ImageJ (suggested by Fred Govedich)
Weka (but we could still add Grid Weka), both suggested by Bob McPherson
ORSA, from Frank S. Thomas (suggested by Pasquale Tricarico)
Praat, from, suggested by Rafael Laboissiere
wxmaxima, suggested by George Gesslein
inkscape, suggested by Ed Pegg
xscreensaver and xscreensaver-gl, suggested by Ed Pegg

All added on
gerbv, suggested by Chris Steigies
The KDE application kst, a real-time data stream visualizer
octaviz, recently packages by Rafael, in Debian experimental right now -- but depends on libvtk4 (>= 4.4.2) which removes mayavi and python-vtk
mathomatic suggested by George Gesslein II.
scigraphica, suggested by Bill Tihen.
latex-beamer, suggested by Enric M. Calvo
rubber (a latex et al wrapper, seen on r-help, in Debian)
python-visual, from vpython, now in Debian (suggested by Gary Pajer).
opencv, suggested by Aaron Hoover
cimg-dev, suggested by Sam Hocevar
PyVTK, suggested by Greg P.
GNU polyxmass, suggested by Filippo Rusconi
mdbtools, suggested by Anne York
Support for Gromacs
Gromacs is a versatile package to perform molecular dynamics, i.e. simulate the Newtonian equations of motion for systems with hundreds to millions of particles.

Done in
We should reconsider iraf and friends from; Need to check how free/non-free this is.
Maybe add clustalw and friends.
Done in
LabPlot at -- with Debian package at (Marco). Turns out that labplot is compiled against an old libmagick++ library, and rebuilding it under unstable gets it newer KDE libraries we don't quite want yet. Next time ... especially as it is now a native Debian package!
Update these Cernlib package to get them all in sync: cernlib-core geant321-data geant321-doc kxterm libeurodec1 libeurodec1-dev libphotos202 libphotos202-dev paw paw++ paw-common paw-demos Thanks to Kevin McCarthy for checking this.
Matplotlib which need to get into .deb form first. Now at (thanks, Marco)
subversion, subversion-tools, cvs2svn, tla-load-packages, tla, tla-buildpackage, tla-tools, tla-load-dirs (suggested by Tony R.)
kseg suggested by Ed Pegg.
Done in
the ddd debugger (suggested by Renato Vitolo)
slicot, packaged by Marco
All done in
Alliance VHDL, a complete set of free CAD tools and portable libraries for VLSI design which includes a VHDL compiler and simulator, logic synthesis tools, and automatic place and route tools, from (suggested by 'Joe'; has no Debian packages AFAICT but an rpm; converted to .deb using alien(1))
pcb, to complement GNU geda (Chris Steigies)
add gnumeric back in (Marcel Neitsch)
prepare md5sums to enable 'checkcd' option (Marco)
suppress 'modules.conf' newer by touch(1)'ing (Marco)
postgres and pl/r (Joe Conway)
add lyx back in (Marco)
use Marco's minirt24 with 'also boot from ext3' patch
use Marco's boot splash screen replacement logo.16 (on alioth)
setiathome, tkseti, xplanet, xplanet-images, saoimage, gpsim, gnucap, oregano, icom, xcircuit, vipec, xsmc-calc, transcalc (Gopal Narayanan)
xd3d [], suggested and packaged by Marco
QtiPlot at, with Debian package there (Marco)
geda (Chris Steigies), lam4-dev, atlas3-base-dev (Marco Caliari), scalapack, petsc, debian-med, screensavers (Ed Pegg) ... were added in
Distributed computing for R
I have built local packages of rpvm, rpmi and snow. With some help from Kai Hendry and Elijah Wright, sprng was compiled into a library to so that rsprng could complete the bundle. Added in Quantian

A hierarchical database package designed to efficiently manage very large amounts of data. Suggested by Francesc Alted, packages at Sourceforge and in Debian Added in Quantian

Another large computer algebra system, suggested by Tim Daly Added in Quantian

A vast array of packages (paw, geant, libcern, ...). Should take care of the ROOT request as much as possible. Added in Quantian

Eventually, custom background images for Quantian would be nice. Anybody familiar with, say, gimp who wants to contribute files, send me mail! Added in Quantian

A wysiwyg mode for emacsen, suggested by David Kastrup. Done in Quantian

More suggestions
ftnchek, lam4 and lam4-dev or mpich and libmpich1.0, prosper and pdfscreen for LaTeX presentation, maybe kdvi and kghostview instead of xdvi and gv (we would need aliases, though), pvm. All already packaged. Suggested by Marco Caliari. Done in Quantian and

Add the Lua language
Suggested by Luis Carvalho, and already in Debian. Done in Quantian

Add plotmtv
Requested by Marco Caliari. Done in Quantian

Add mpqc (Massively parallel Quantum Chemistry)
Suggested by Boris; a small-ish .deb is in unstable, but it depends on the larger libsc4 and suggestes mqpc-support which is also big. We'll see what we can do. Done in Quantian

Add xppaut (X phase plane plus auto), a solver for nonlinear equations
Suggested by Balbir Thomas; a .deb is in unstable, and it depends on nothing new so this should be easy. Done in Quantian

Add A+, an APL dialect initially developed by Morgan Stanley
Good suggestion from Alex. Skomorokhiv. There are a few Debian packages. Done in Quantian

Shall we keep acroread in?
Konqueror tried to load it anyway. Suggested by Mark Esplin. Done in Quantian

Shall we put Lyx back in?
People keep requesting this... Most recently by Lars Jensen. Done in Quantian

Also suggested were
f2py, scipy. Done in Quantian

Add pybliographer
Suggested by Jose L Gomez Dans Added in

Run update-modules
To suppress the lame '/etc/modules is older than ...' message on boot Done in with an old-fashioned 'touch -r'.

Add lush
Lisp shell for numerics. Deb packages exist, so should be smooth. Added in

Add felt
Suggested by Herberto Ghezzo. Deb packages exist, so should be smooth. Added in

IPE drawing / graphics editor
From, available as a .deb in unstable. Added in

Support for giac
Yet another computer-algebra system. Deb packages are at the site. New 0.3.0 downloaded, and installed in

Add MIT Photonic Bands and wajig
Suggested by S Dutta Gupta. Both are of course in Debian, so should be easy. Added in

Add kile, another integrated Latex frontend
Suggested by Mike Bourassa. Added in

Complete gap by adding gap-character-tables
Suggested by the Gap team via Bill Allombert Added in

Support for Gri
Gri is an open-source language for scientific graphics programming. As it is already available as a Debian package, it should have been included right from the start. Gri, gri-el and gri-html-doc should be added; xplot may complement Quantian too. Added in Quantian 0.3.

Added in Quantian 0.3.

Getting lyx back in
Several emails suggested that removing lyx was suboptimal. We will to correct that in the next version. Added in Quantian 0.3.

Another suggestion -- but it comes in at a hefty 91.2mb which we currently lack. Added in Quantian 0.3. But removed in as it is just too darn big. Back in

Clustering / Open Mosix support
We had mentioned this right from the start, and have by now received several emails asking about it. This will hopefully be available soon. Added in Quantian 0.3.

We also have some 'not so likely' issues:

ROOT, a toolkit from CERN
While impressive, it is also large and non-free (in the Debian sense) so it not very high on my list of priorities. I would recommended that someone else tackle this is on a standalone basis. Just take Quantian iso images, delete what you must and add ROOT. We are very unlikely to go there. Sorry. Update: Cernlib seems to cover a good part of it, and has been added in

Astronomy software
The iraf and xephem Debian packages have been suggested, also midas but I have not found a .deb for it.
Hm, updated Sep2003: 74.4mb additional space is required for iraf and xephem, and their are, respectively, from contrib and non-free so these will get vetoed for now.

Support for Comedi
Comedi is a collection of drivers for data-acquisition boards, along with user-space and kernel APIs. Debian packaeges already exist so this might be fairly straightforward. Added in Quantian 0.3. And removed in as it comedi needs a matching kernel module. Maybe one day we'll be able to compile it on the fly.

Greg Warnes has some cool code on top of RPy which integrates R via Zope into powerful webservices. Debian packages would be needed first.

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