Mon, 01 Mar 2021

RPushbullet 0.3.4: Small Update, Nicer Docs

RPpushbullet demo

Release 0.3.4 of the RPushbullet package arrived on CRAN today. RPushbullet interfaces the neat Pushbullet service for inter-device messaging, communication, and more. It lets you easily send (programmatic) alerts like the one to the left to your browser, phone, tablet, … – or all at once.

This release contains a contributed PR to better reflect an error code, and adds a mkdocs-material-based documentation site (just like a few other packages of mine). See below for more details.

Changes in version 0.3.4 (2021-03-01)

  • Return code checking using error code content if it exists (Thomas Shafer in #64).

  • Enabled GitHub Actions with encrypted JSON file for API access.

  • Added a package documentation website.

Courtesy of my CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for this release. More details about the package are at the RPushbullet webpage and the RPushbullet GitHub repo.

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