Tue, 06 Jul 2021

ttdo 0.0.7: Small tinytest update

A new minor release of our ttdo package arrived on CRAN today. The ttdo package extends the most excellent (and very minimal / zero depends) unit testing package tinytest by Mark van der Loo with the very clever and well-done diffobj package by Brodie Gaslam to give us test results with visual diffs (as shown in the screenshot here) which seemingly is so compelling an idea that another package decided to copied it more recently:

ttdo screenshot

This release is mostly procedural to accomodate changes in tinytest 1.3.1 released today, and brought to us via a pull request by Mark himself. Other than that we also updated the CI runner to use r-ci and accomodated new CRAN check for a superfluous LazyData: field in a package without a data/ directory.

This release also gets another #ThankYouCRAN mark as it was once again fully automated and intervention-free (once the new tinytest release hit CRAN).

As usual, the NEWS entry follows.

Changes in ttdo version 0.0.7 (2021-07-06)

  • The CI setup was updated to use run.sh from r-ci (Dirk).

  • The package was updated for an API extension in tinytest 1.3.1 or later (Mark van der Look in #7)

  • The unused LazyData field was removed from DESCRIPTION (Dirk)

CRANberries provides the usual summary of changes to the previous version. Please use the GitHub repo and its issues for any questions.

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