Wed, 05 Oct 2022

RVowpalWabbit 0.0.17: Maintenance

Almost to the week one year since the last maintenance release, we can announce another maintenance release, now at version 0.0.17, of the RVowpalWabbit package. The CRAN maintainers kindly and politly pointed out that I was (cough, cough) apparently the last maintainer who had packages that set StagedInstall: no. Guilty as charged.

RVowpalWabbit is one the two packages; the other one will hopefully follow ‘shortly’. And while I long suspected linking aspects to drive this (this is an old package, newer R packaging of the awesome VowpalWabbit is in rvw, I was plain wrong here. The cause was an absolute path to an included dataset, computed in an example, which then gets serialized. As Tomas Kalibera suggested, we can replace the constant with a function and all is well. So here is 0.0.17.

As noted before, there is a newer package rvw based on the excellent GSoC 2018 and beyond work by Ivan Pavlov (mentored by James and myself) so if you are into VowpalWabbit from R go check it out.

CRANberries provides a summary of changes to the previous version. More information is on the RVowpalWabbit page. Issues and bugreports should go to the GitHub issue tracker.

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