Fri, 24 Feb 2023

ttdo 0.0.9 on CRAN: Small Update

A new minor release of our ttdo package arrived on CRAN a few days ago. The ttdo package extends the excellent (and very minimal / zero depends) unit testing package tinytest by Mark van der Loo with the very clever and well-done diffobj package by Brodie Gaslam to give us test results with visual diffs (as shown in the screenshot below) which seemingly is so compelling an idea that it eventually got copied by another package which shall remain unnamed…

ttdo screenshot

This release adds a versioned dependency on the just released tinytest version 1.4.1. As we extend tinytest (for use in the autograder we deploy within the lovely PrairieLearn framework) by consuming the tinytest code we have to update in sync.

There were no other code changes in the package beside the usual maintenance of badges and continuous integration setup.

As usual, the NEWS entry follows.

Changes in ttdo version 0.0.9 (2023-02-21)

  • Minor cleanup in

  • Minor continuous integration update

  • Updated (versioned) depends on tinytest to 1.4.1

My CRANberries provides the usual summary of changes to the previous version. Please use the GitHub repo and its issues for any questions.

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