Rcpp Version 1.0.7
algo.h File Reference
#include <iterator>
#include <algorithm>
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 Rcpp API.


template<class InputIterator , class T >
bool Rcpp::__any (InputIterator first, InputIterator last, const T &value, std::input_iterator_tag)
template<class RandomAccessIterator , class T >
bool Rcpp::__any (RandomAccessIterator __first, RandomAccessIterator __last, const T &__val, std::random_access_iterator_tag)
template<class InputIterator , class T >
bool Rcpp::any (InputIterator first, InputIterator last, const T &value)
template<class InputIterator , class Predicate >
bool Rcpp::__any_if (InputIterator first, InputIterator last, Predicate pred, std::input_iterator_tag)
template<class RandomAccessIterator , class Predicate >
bool Rcpp::__any_if (RandomAccessIterator __first, RandomAccessIterator __last, Predicate __pred, std::random_access_iterator_tag)
template<class InputIterator , class Predicate >
bool Rcpp::any_if (InputIterator first, InputIterator last, Predicate pred)