Rcpp Version 1.0.4
macros.h File Reference
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#define RCPP_DECORATE(__FUN__)   __FUN__##__rcpp__wrapper__
#define RCPP_GET_NAMES(x)   Rf_getAttrib(x, R_NamesSymbol)
#define RCPP_GET_CLASS(x)   Rf_getAttrib(x, R_ClassSymbol)
#define BEGIN_RCPP
#define END_RCPP   VOID_END_RCPP return R_NilValue;
#define Rcpp_error(MESSAGE)   throw Rcpp::exception(MESSAGE, __FILE__, __LINE__)

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} \
} \
catch (Rcpp::LongjumpException& __ex__) { \
} \
catch (std::exception &__ex__) { \
return exception_to_try_error(__ex__); \
} \
catch (...) { \
return string_to_try_error("c++ exception (unknown reason)"); \
} \
UNPROTECT(nprot); \
return R_NilValue; \
(void) stop_sym; /* never reached but suppresses warning */
SEXP interruptedError()
Definition: Interrupt.h:40
SEXP exception_to_try_error(const std::exception &ex)
Definition: exceptions.h:375
SEXP longjumpSentinel(SEXP token)
Definition: exceptions.h:125
SEXP string_to_try_error(const std::string &str)
Definition: exceptions.h:355

Definition at line 87 of file macros.h.


#define RCPP_DECORATE (   __FUN__)    __FUN__##__rcpp__wrapper__

Definition at line 25 of file macros.h.

◆ Rcpp_error

#define Rcpp_error (   MESSAGE)    throw Rcpp::exception(MESSAGE, __FILE__, __LINE__)

Definition at line 106 of file macros.h.


#define RCPP_GET_CLASS (   x)    Rf_getAttrib(x, R_ClassSymbol)

Definition at line 27 of file macros.h.




Definition at line 41 of file macros.h.

Referenced by class_< Class >::setProperty().