Rcpp Version 1.0.7
random.h File Reference
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class  Rcpp::Generator< T >


 Rcpp API.


NumericVector Rcpp::rnorm (int n, double mean, double sd)
NumericVector Rcpp::rnorm (int n, double mean)
NumericVector Rcpp::rnorm (int n)
NumericVector Rcpp::rbeta (int n, double a, double b)
NumericVector Rcpp::rbinom (int n, double nin, double pp)
NumericVector Rcpp::rcauchy (int n, double location, double scale)
NumericVector Rcpp::rcauchy (int n, double location)
NumericVector Rcpp::rcauchy (int n)
NumericVector Rcpp::rchisq (int n, double df)
NumericVector Rcpp::rexp (int n, double rate)
NumericVector Rcpp::rexp (int n)
NumericVector Rcpp::rf (int n, double n1, double n2)
NumericVector Rcpp::rgamma (int n, double a, double scale)
NumericVector Rcpp::rgamma (int n, double a)
NumericVector Rcpp::rgeom (int n, double p)
NumericVector Rcpp::rhyper (int n, double nn1, double nn2, double kk)
NumericVector Rcpp::rlnorm (int n, double meanlog, double sdlog)
NumericVector Rcpp::rlnorm (int n, double meanlog)
NumericVector Rcpp::rlnorm (int n)
NumericVector Rcpp::rlogis (int n, double location, double scale)
NumericVector Rcpp::rlogis (int n, double location)
NumericVector Rcpp::rlogis (int n)
NumericVector Rcpp::rnbinom (int n, double siz, double prob)
NumericVector Rcpp::rnbinom_mu (int n, double siz, double mu)
NumericVector Rcpp::rnchisq (int n, double df, double lambda)
NumericVector Rcpp::rnchisq (int n, double df)
NumericVector Rcpp::rpois (int n, double mu)
NumericVector Rcpp::rsignrank (int n, double nn)
NumericVector Rcpp::rt (int n, double df)
NumericVector Rcpp::runif (int n, double min, double max)
NumericVector Rcpp::runif (int n, double min)
NumericVector Rcpp::runif (int n)
NumericVector Rcpp::rweibull (int n, double shape, double scale)
NumericVector Rcpp::rweibull (int n, double shape)
NumericVector Rcpp::rwilcox (int n, double mm, double nn)